Test Drive the 2018 Ford C-MAX at Broadway Ford

The 2018 Ford C-MAX is paving the way for the next generation of hybrid vehicles. Ford has spent an incredible amount of time perfecting every detail and upgrade found in the C-MAX. Here is a quick look at just a few of the smart features that this hybrid has to offer.

Ford’s MyKey system is going to give you peace of mind whenever you loan your C-MAX to your teenager or a friend. 

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The New Ford Explorer has Useful Technology Features

Take the Ford Explorer out on the road and marvel at all the reasons this popular three-row SUV is grabbing a lot of attention these days. Here are a few features in the Explorer drivers are raving about.

To make parking easier for the Explorer driver, the enhanced active park assist feature reduces driver error and assists with this difficult task. The system can scan for an available parking space, then assist in guiding the vehicle into that space. The driver only need work the brake and gas pedal, the Explorer does the rest.

The adaptive cruise control feature is…
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Find Out the Performance Behind the Ford Fiesta ST

What sets apart one performance vehicle from another? Is it the style? The power? Our team here at Broadway Ford is here to help answer that question by introducing this popular performance hatchback.

The 2018 Ford Fiesta ST combines the performance and technology features designed to give you more control and power while on the road. 

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Here Are Some of Our Favorite Interior Features in the Ford Escape 2018

If you've been on the lookout for a quality compact SUV, then the 2018 Ford Escape may be just the option for you. With a bevy of remarkable interior features, the 2018 Escape handily makes a name for itself even when placed next to the stiffest competition. We've listed two of our interior features below.

First, is the Ford Escape's excellent storage options. 

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The 2018 Ford Focus Electric: Efficiency and Comfort

When you're searching for an affordable option for an electric car in Idaho Falls, ID, consider the Ford Focus carried by Broadway Ford. Starting at $29,120, or lease at $233/month, this limited production vehicle is made to fit your budget.

The Focus is filled with safety features ranging from dual-state front airbags to a tire pressure monitoring system. The intelligent computer system will keep you informed about charge levels, mileage, and the power being created from braking. Come into Broadway Ford to learn more about your options today!


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Experience the Versatility of the Ford EcoSport

What makes the Ford EcoSport one of the most popular compact SUVs in Idaho Falls, ID? Repeat buyers know the that EcoSport not only has versatile seating that suits any family, it also has outstanding performance features that include precise handling and responsive engine options that make driving a pleasure.

Why not stop by the Broadway Ford showroom, conveniently located in Idaho Falls, ID to see for yourself? Talk to one of our friendly sales associates and experience the EcoSport through a test drive.


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We The People

We The People

Cars have a history of bringing people together. They allow us to do things we couldn’t on our own. Whether it be a camping trip, helping someone move – or as in the case of this great new series, transporting a hockey team.

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What level of intelligence does the Ford Flex key system have?

Keys have always been an issue with vehicles. You can’t get in when you lose a key. You unwittingly leave them in the vehicle and lock the doors when you are thinking about other things. Someone steals your keys and hijacks your car while you stand helplessly by the side.

The Ford Flex gets past all these issues with the use of an intelligent program with push-button start. When you approach your Flex, the car recognizes the key that is still in your pocket or purse. The Flex is programmed to recognize your touch so that you can unlock…

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